Putting kids to sleep, the fun way for more than 50 years!

The Nap Fairies don’t come to just any pillow,
they only come to the Nap Fairy pillow.

  • Create New Family Traditions
  • No More Fussing
  • Positive Memories For Your Family
  • New Possibilities For The Day
  • Each Morning Is Exciting
  • Bedtime Is Now Some Of The Best Memories
  • Positive Way To Go To Bed
  • Helps Build Good Anticipation
  • Believing In Good Thoughts
  • See What The Nap Fairy Left For You

Follow us as other parents, and we share stories and ideas of what positive things Nap Fairies have done for other families.

Write To The Nap Fairies!
We encourage everyone to draw, paint, or write to the Nap Fairies. You can mail them to the Nap Fairy, or leave a note in the pillows pocket for them to pick up as a thank you. You can also post pictures and videos with your pillows or what the Nap Fairy left for you today on our Facebook and Twitter for the Nap Fairies to see! Show them how you get ready for bed, or how excited you are for each day when you wake up.
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