With the NAP FAIRY pillow, nap time and bed time can become fun time. Using the pocket to place a token, coin or note for a child to find upon awakening. Your child can learn about anticipation and believing in good thoughts.

This is how our grandmother was able to encourage us to have best dreams. Many years later the memories are still so vivid and wonderful. By believing NAP FAIRY had great powers we were taught to find JOY and WONDER of what great things awaited us!

Here’s to your GREAT DREAMS!
As you snuggle in your bed
Soft voices of Nap Fairies in your head
Dream of what you might find
In the pocket or outside
A pretty flower
A special power
As you slowly fall to sleep
A Nap Fairy will tickle your feet
A note I hope you find
Words of course will be kind
What a treat to go to sleep
Wishing you sweet dreams
The Nap Fairies

The lights are low; it’s quiet, with a whisper “Shhh, time to go night night. Remember, the Nap Fairy can’t come to see you until you are sleeping on your Nap Fairy pillow. Let’s think about what the Nap Fairy may help you create. What if by sleeping on the Nap Fairy pillow you make a good grade on a test! How about walking outside to see a butterfly fluttering by, or find the prettiest little flower. She may also help you kick the soccer ball really far tomorrow! We need to close our eyes and dream the dreams the Nap Fairies bring. Night night, little one.”

This is how our Mamaw would get us excited to go to sleep at night and even down for a nap, willingly! We never knew what the Nap Fairy would bring us, and we didn’t care how small or it was or even if the pocket was empty. That meant the Nap Fairy had something so special for us that it couldn’t fit in the pocket! After all, if she wanted us to learn to ride our bike today, she couldn’t put that in the pocket.

When we lost our Mamaw so many years ago, we realized that other people did not have the joy and family traditions that we did. It’s time that everyone gets to know and use the Nap Fairy in their home!

What Did The Nap Fairy Leave For You Today?

Nap Fairy Book and Pillow

The Nap Fairy book and pillow set is a simple way to encourage children in a positive way to nap or sleep at night. Imagine a Grandmother being so patient and teaching her grandchildren to sleep with positive thoughts and encourage them to dream at night and during the day…

It has been the simple story of the Nap Fairy that has blessed children for generations with the ease of sleep. Just lie down on a Nap Fairy pillow and dream. Wake up to find a balloon, candy or a small toy or a special note in the Nap Fairy Pocket! Sometimes get lucky and the pocket is empty! That means the Nap Fairy left something for you to find. Maybe you find a pretty flower or a pine cone or a feather. It could even be special powers to make you run faster or jump higher left by The Nap Fairy!

The Nap Fairy only comes to the special Nap Fairy pillow on the child’s bed, not on Mom or Dad’s bed!

Dream the dreams the Nap Fairy brings!