The Nap Fairy Book

Have trouble getting your child to take a nap? Is your child refusing to go to sleep? The Nap Fairy book is a simple way to encourage children in a positive way to nap or sleep at night. Imagine a Grandmother being so patient and teaching her grandchildren to sleep with positive thoughts and encourage them to dream at night and during the day…


Product Description

Based on a true story, this poignant book, tells the story of a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren. Her creation of The Nap Fairy some 30 years ago continues to delight children and set the stage for a restful daytime nap or a good old fashioned night’s sleep.

A handwritten note or special token in the pocket of the Nap Fairy pillow will allow the parent or grandparent to create their own magic from The Nap Fairy!

Happy reading!


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