Safety and Quality

Such a sweet thought of the Nap Fairy helping kids have comforting dreams. They wake with a smile and are excited to start their day. Your child will be looking to see what positive things the Nap Fairy may bring them throughout the day. Your family will begin each morning with exciting and happy conversations as you all look forward to school and work. Then going to bed at night is sweet to think about as you get a relaxing nights rest that everyone will have again.

Sleep is such an essential function of the body, for adults and children, which is when the body rejuvenates, muscle grows and heals, and the brain downloads memories. Proper nutrition, adequate physical activity, and a good nights rest are all vital functions of the body that we all need to be at our best each day

We Take Children’s Safety Seriously
It’s our responsibility to make sure that all Nap Fairy products are safe. These products exceed all mandated safety standards and our pillows have been tested by third-party labs to ensure that they meet those standards.

The fabrics we use are consumer product tested and passed.
And better yet, no batteries required!